I am an award winning filmmaker and cameraman with my own inovative filmmaking equipment.

I specialise in making: Short form conceptual films, Promos, Idents and title sequences.

I also shoot specialist B-roll, cut aways, GV’s and bespoke libary footage to order.

Montage of Tom Mansfield's work


I am an experienced cameraman specialising in shooting second unit, B-roll, general views, cut aways, interviews and documentary style filming.

This has taken me to over 15 countries around the world, on either solo or small teamed assignments.

Shooting for clients such as: BBC, ITV, Channel 4, Channel Five, Discovery, Bupa, Bvlgari, Saatchi & Saatchi, Samsung, Sainburys, Tesco, Ernst & Young, Blackberry, Bombardier, and many more.

Tom Mansfield with jib and crew in a field

Tom Mansfield with jib and crew in a field


I have experience setting up and operating cinematic gripping equipment like:

Jib arms, cable dollies, motion control, time lapse rigs, steadicam’s, tracks and dollies, car mounts and all sorts of other rigs.

I like to call my self a “documentary grip” as I mainly work in small teams setting up light weight gripping equipment in studios or on location.

Tom Mansfield with jib in the forest

Director & Filmmaker

Some of my clients ask me to consult and direct entire sequences for them.

I am particularly interested in making exciting and innovative sequences, especially title sequences, idents, short conceptual films and music driven films.

This has won me awards and spans back to my childhood.

me directing



I have my own fully equipped engineering workshop based in Bristol.

I have been trained in mechanical engineering by one of the best mechanical camera engineers in the country. I am also fully qualified in the specialist technique of aluminium tig welding.

With these skills, I build special camera rigs to get innovative shots for all sorts of productions.

Tom Mansfield with welding gear


I have my own camera, lights and sound equipment, suitable for corporate, documentary and internet outputs, and can hire anything else.

I also have a range of gripping equipment, ranging from track and dollies, to large jib arms and motion control units, suitable for all outputs.

Tom Mansfield's jib equipment in park


Director of Photography at Chris Jones

I have worked with Tom on a number of productions and have found him to be both technically skillful and creative. He is a great person to have on set and I thoroughly recommend him.”